Chapter 9. How Can I Get More Out of Watching Video on My iPad?

How Can I Get More Out of Watching Video on My iPad?

The world has been on a quest for the perfect portable media player for an awfully long time. We seem to have solved the audio part of the hunt rather nicely with the iPod and even the iPhone. However, the video mission has been more problematic, with single-purpose video players being too, well, single-purpose, and more versatile tools such as the iPod touch and the iPhone being just a tad too small for proper video viewing (particularly if more than one person is involved). Now the iPad is making a bid for portable media perfection, and its case is strong: large, high-definition screen, touchscreen interface, talking-cat video support (also known as YouTube). This chapter puts the case to the test as I take you inside the iPad's video features.

Syncing Videos 198

Getting More Out of Your iPad's Video Features 203

Watching YouTube Videos 208

Syncing Videos

Although you can use the iTunes app on your iPad to rent movies, or to purchase movies, TV shows, and music videos, it's more likely that the bulk of your video content resides on your computer. If watching any of that video on your computer while sitting in your office chair is unappealing, then you need to transfer it to your iPad for viewing in more comfy circumstances. The next few sections provide the not-even-close-to-gory details.

Converting video content into an ...

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