Chapter 1. How Do I Configure My iPhone?

How Do I Configure My iPhone?

The iPhone is justly famous for its stylish, curvaceous design and for its slick, effortless touchscreen. However, although good looks and ease of use are important for any smartphone, it's what you do with that phone that's important. The iPhone helps by offering lots of features, but chances are those features aren't set up to suit the way you work. Maybe your most-used Home screen icons aren't at the top of the screen where they should be, or perhaps your iPhone goes to sleep too soon. This chapter shows you how to configure your iPhone to solve these and many other annoyances so the phone works the way you do.

  • Customizing the Home Screen to Suit Your Style 4

  • Setting the iPhone Wallpaper 8

  • More Useful iPhone Configuration Techniques 11

  • Protecting Your iPhone 20

  • Enhancing Your iPhone with the App Store 29

  • Connecting Your iPhone with Bluetooth Devices 34

Customizing the Home Screen to Suit Your Style

The Home screen is your starting point for all things iPhone, and what could be simpler? Just tap the icon you want and the app loads lickety-split. Ah, but things are never so simple, are they? In fact, there are a couple of hairs in the Home screen soup:

  • The icons in the top row are a bit easier to find and a bit easier to tap.

  • If you have more than 16 icons, they extend onto a second (or third or fourth) Home screen. If the app you want isn't on the ...

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