Chapter 3. How Can I Get More Out of the Phone App?

How Can I Get More Out of the Phone App?

The iPhone is chock full of great apps that enable you to surf the Web, send and receive e-mail messages, listen to music, take photos, organize your contacts, schedule appointments, and much, much more. These features put the "smart" into the iPhone's status as a smartphone, but let's not forget the "phone" part! So while you're probably familiar with the basic steps required to make and answer calls, the iPhone's powerful phone component is loaded with amazing features that can make the cell phone portion of your life easier, more convenient, and more efficient. This chapter takes you through these features.

  • Working with Outgoing Calls 60

  • Handling Incoming Calls 62

  • Juggling Multiple Calls and Conference Calls 65

  • Using Other iPhone Features While On a Call 68

  • Managing Your Favorites List 69

  • Working with Contacts from the Phone App 70

  • Video Calling with FaceTime 72

Working with Outgoing Calls

You can do much more with your iPhone than just make a call the old-fashioned way — by dialing the phone number. There are speedy shortcuts you can take, and even settings to alter the way your outgoing calls look on the receiver's phone.

Making calls quickly

The iPhone has a seemingly endless number of methods you can use to make a call. It's nice to have the variety, but in this have-your-people-call-my-people world, the big question is not how many ...

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