Chapter 5. How Do I Maximize E-mail On My Iphone?

How Do I Maximize E-mail On My Iphone?

E-mail has been called the "killer app" of the Internet, and it certainly deserves that title. Yes, chat and instant messaging are popular; social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get lots of press; and blogging sites appeal to a certain type of person. However, while not everyone uses these services, it's safe to say that almost everyone uses e-mail. You probably use e-mail all day, particularly when you're on the go with your iPhone in tow, so learning a few useful and efficient e-mail techniques can make your day a bit easier and save you time for more important pursuits.

  • Managing Your iPhone E-mail Accounts 98

  • Configuring E-mail Accounts 103

  • Configuring E-mail Messages 107

Managing Your iPhone E-mail Accounts

Your iPhone comes with the Mail app, which is a radically slimmed-down version of the Mail application that's the default e-mail program on Mac machines. Mail in iPhone may be a pale shadow of its OS X cousin, but that doesn't mean it's a lightweight, far from it. It has a few features and settings that make it ideal for your traveling e-mail show. First, however, you've got to set up your iPhone with one or more e-mail accounts.

Adding an account by hand

The Mail application on your iPhone is most useful when it's set up to use an e-mail account that you also use on your computer. That way, when you're on the road ...

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