Chapter 12. How Do I Keep My Life In Sync with MobileMe?

How Do I Keep My Life In Sync with MobileMe?

When you go online, you take your life along with you, of course, so your online world becomes a natural extension of your real world. However, just because it's online doesn't mean the digital version of your life is any less busy, chaotic, or complex than the rest of your life. Apple's MobileMe service is designed to ease some of that chaos and complexity by automatically syncing your most important data — your e-mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks. Although the syncing itself may be automatic, setting up is not, unfortunately. This chapter shows you what to do.

  • Understanding MobileMe 266

  • Understanding MobileMe Device Support 267

  • Configuring MobileMe on Your iPhone 268

  • Configuring MobileMe on Your Mac 270

  • Configuring MobileMe on Your Windows PC 272

  • Using Your iPhone to Work with MobileMe Photos and Videos 273

Understanding MobileMe

These days, the primary source of online chaos and confusion is the ongoing proliferation of services and sites that demand your time and attention. What started with Web-based e-mail has grown to a Web site, a blog, a photo-sharing site, online bookmarks, and perhaps a few social networking sites, just to consume those last few precious moments of leisure time. You might be sitting in a chair, but you're getting run ragged anyway!

A great way to simplify your online life is to get a MobileMe account. ...

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