Part III

The Multimedia iPhone


Your iPhone is arguably the best iPod in the world that can make and receive phone calls (with a tip of the hat to the iPad and iPod touch, the best iPods in the world that can’t make and receive phone calls). So in this part, we look at the multimedia side of your phone — audio, video, and still pictures, too. There has never been a phone that was this much fun to use, and we show you how to wring the most out of every multimedia bit of it.

First we explore how to enjoy listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks on your iPhone.

Then we move on to everything you always wanted to know about photos and iPhones: how to shoot them well, store them, sync them, and do all kinds of other interesting things with them.

We conclude this multimedia part by looking at some video, both literally and figuratively. We start with a quick segment about how to find good video for your iPhone, followed by instructions for watching video on your iPhone. Finally, we provide a delightful little epistle about shooting and sharing video with your iPhone. And before we leave the video scene, you also see how to have a blast with video from the famous YouTube website, using iPhone’s built-in YouTube application.


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