Apple has built its reputation on creating intuitive, user-friendly products. Just tapping through the buttons and apps on the screen, you get a rough idea of how your iPhone works and can probably manage to do a few things. We think that’s kind of like using 10 percent of your brain: You get by, but you’re not living up to your maximum potential.

We wrote this book to take your iPhone use to a higher level. This book probably covers some apps or functions that don’t interest you or are unnecessary for the way you use your iPhone, so it’s unlikely that you’ll reach 100 percent, but we’ll be really and truly happy if you up your percentage a bit, say, to 75 or 80 percent. It’d be plain wasteful to use your iPhone as a simple phone when it’s so much more.

About This Book

To write this book, we looked into every nook and cranny of iPhone. Short of telling you how to take it apart, which would void your warranty, we believe we get pretty darn close to telling you all there is to know. That said, Apple releases iOS updates frequently — this book is based on iOS 6.0 — and we encourage you to keep your iPhone and app software up to date and stay informed as to how to use features that may be added with updates.

If you only want a broad overview of what your iPhone does and how to work with it, you can read Book I, which explains iPhone basics (what your iPhone can do, how your iPhone is organized, and how to use the multitouch screen and voice-recognition interface) and ...

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