Chapter 2: Apps 411: Browsing, Installing, and Managing Apps

In This Chapter

check.png Searching for and installing apps

check.png Reviewing apps

check.png Updating apps

check.png Deleting apps

check.png Stopping by the Newsstand

With about 700,000 apps (and counting!) available at the time of publication and more being released every day, there is truly an app for every task, interest, or necessity. We make some recommendations in this book’s online bonus content, but to give you an idea, you can find apps for recipes, games, electronic readers, home banking, photo enhancement, conversion tools, flashlights, and music identification, not to mention profession-specific apps such as radiation dosage calculators for oncologists or turbine calculators for mechanics. (For more on how to access the online bonus content, see this book’s Introduction.)

In this chapter, we tell you how the App Store works, give you tips for reading reviews to help you choose apps, show you how to install and delete apps and reinstall them if you deleted ...

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