Chapter 4: E-mailing Every Which Way You Can

In This Chapter

check.png Configuring your e-mail account

check.png Using Mail

check.png E-mailing from other apps

check.png Adjusting your e-mail account settings

check.png Playing Fetch with your e-mail

Although the popularity of text messaging, Twitter, and Facebook as communication tools might make you think e-mail is going the way of the dinosaurs, it’s still a much-used, efficient way to send and request information, make reservations, keep in touch with family and friends who live far away or, sometimes, are just down the hall in another room. With a little web research, you can find the name of the CEO of your favorite company and send her a message about how much you like the latest model of the doohickey they’ve released. You can also complain directly to the head of research, development, and manufacturing when your beloved doohickey breaks a week after you bought it.

With your iPhone, you have e-mail at your fingertips. In this chapter, we’re assuming (always dangerous, we ...

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