Chapter 2: Managing Your Time with Calendar, Reminders, and Clock

In This Chapter

check.png Adding and syncing existing Calendars

check.png Viewing and hiding Calendars

check.png Creating, changing, and deleting Calendar events

check.png Sharing Calendar through iCloud

check.png Remembering with Reminders

check.png Using Clock to help pass the time

Sometimes it seems the more technology advances in the name of making our lives easier, the more complicated and busy our lives become — or maybe we just take on more because we can. Whatever the reason, we all have a lot to remember and the three apps explained in this chapter can help.

The Calendar app on your iPhone helps you keep track of appointments, birthdays, and deadlines along with fun things like parties and vacations. Calendar syncs with calendars on your computer and other iOS devices as well as remote calendars you subscribe to. When you receive invitations, Calendar inserts the event ...

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