Chapter 4: Creating and Sharing Notes and Voice Memos

In This Chapter

check.png Creating, viewing, managing, and sharing notes

check.png Adjusting Notes settings

check.png Syncing existing Notes

check.png Recording, playing, managing, and sharing voice memos

check.png Syncing Voice Memos with iTunes

Are you the note-taking type who goes through little yellow sticky notes faster that a chimp in a peanut factory? Do ideas pop into your head that you don’t remember later because those sticky notes and a pen aren’t within reach? And even if they were close at hand, you wouldn’t be able to use them, anyway, because you’re doing something like driving or working out?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you’re in good company. This chapter is all about using two of your iPhone’s most useful apps — Notes and Voice Memos. Using this dynamic duo, you can capture your every thought on the fly, as neatly typed out notes that you type or dictate to Siri, or as recorded audio files captured using your iPhone’s built-in mic (or ...

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