Receiving a Call

It’s wonderful to have numerous options for making a call. But what are your choices when somebody calls you? The answer depends on whether you are willing to take the call or not.

Accepting the call

To accept a call, you have three options:

check.png Tap Answer.

check.png If the phone is locked, drag the slider to the right.

check.png If you’re donning stereo earbuds or the newer EarPods, which come with the iPhone 5, tap the microphone button. Microphone adapters for standard headsets may also work.

tip_4c.eps check.png If you wear a wireless Bluetooth headset or use a car speakerphone, push the Answer button on your headset or speakerphone (refer to the manual if the process isn’t intuitive). For more on Bluetooth, read Chapter 14.

remember_4c.eps If you’re listening to music in your iPhone’s iPod when a call comes in, the song stops playing and you have to decide whether to take the call. If you do take the call, the music resumes ...

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