Home Sweet Home Screen

The first page of your Home screen offers a bevy of icons, each representing a different bundled app or function. Because the rest of the book covers each and every one of these babies in full and loving detail, we merely provide brief descriptions here.

To get to the first Home screen, press the Home button. If your iPhone is asleep when you press, the Unlock screen appears. Once unlocked, you’ll see whichever page of icons was on the screen when it went to sleep. If that screen happens to have been the first Home screen, you’re golden. If it wasn’t, merely press the Home button again to summon your iPhone’s first (main) Home screen.

tip_4c.eps Three steps let you rearrange icons on your iPhone:

1. Press and hold any icon until all of the icons begin to jiggle.

2. Drag the icons around until you’re happy with their positions.

3. Press the Home button to save your arrangement and stop the jiggling.

If you haven’t rearranged your icons, you’ll see the following apps on your Home screen, starting at the top left:

check.png Messages: The Messages app lets you exchange text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS) with almost any other cell phone user, as described in Chapter 5.

The Messages app also lets you exchange iMessages with anyone using an Apple device with iOS 5 or ...

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