Filling in Online Forms

Many web pages include forms where you fill in some data and submit it, which sends the data off to some server for processing. Filling in these forms in your Safari browser is mostly straightforward:

bullet.tif Text box. Tap inside the text box to display the touchscreen keyboard, tap out your text, and then tap Done.

bullet.tif Text area. Tap inside the text area, and then use the keyboard to tap your text. Most text areas allow multiline entries, so you can tap Return to start a new line. When you finish, tap Done.

bullet.tif Check box. Tap the check box to toggle the check mark on and off.

bullet.tif Radio button. Tap the radio button to activate it.

bullet.tif Command button. Tap the button to make it do its thing (usually submit the form).

Many online forms consist of a bunch of text boxes. If the idea of performing the tap-type-Done cycle over and over isn’t appealing to you, fear not. The Safari browser on your iPhone offers an easier method:

1. Tap inside the first text box. The keyboard appears.


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