Juggling Multiple Calls and Conference Calls

We all juggle multiple tasks and duties these days, so it’s not surprising that sometimes this involves juggling multiple phone calls:

bullet.tif You might need to call two people on a related issue, and then switch back and forth between the callers as the negotiations (or whatever) progress.

bullet.tif You might already be on a call and another call comes in from a person you need to speak to. So you put the initial person on hold, deal with the new caller, and then return to the first person.

bullet.tif You might need to speak to two people at the same time on the same phone call — in other words, a conference call.

In the real world, juggling multiple calls and setting up conference calls often requires a special phone or a fancy phone system. In the iPhone world, however, these things are a snap. In fact, the way the iPhone juggles multiple calls really is something spectacular. Jumping back and forth between calls is simple, putting someone on hold to answer an incoming call is a piece of cake, and creating a conference call from incoming or outgoing calls is criminally easy.

When you’re on an initial call, your iPhone displays the Call Options screen, as shown ...

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