Getting More Out of Safari on Your iPhone

You’ve seen lots of great Safari tips and techniques so far in this chapter, but I hope you’re up for even more, because you’ve got a ways to go. In the rest of this chapter, you learn such useful techniques as maintaining your privacy, tweeting a web page, changing the default search engine, configuring the Safari security options, and searching a web page.

Maintaining your privacy by deleting the History list

The History list of sites you’ve recently surfed on your iPhone is a great feature when you need it, and it’s an innocuous feature when you don’t. However, there are times when the History list is just plain uncool. For example, suppose you shop online to get a nice gift for your spouse’s birthday. If he or she also uses your iPhone, your surprise may be ruined if the purchase page accidentally shows up in the History list. Similarly, if you visit a private corporate site, a financial site, or any other site you wouldn’t want others to see, the History list might betray you.

And sometimes unsavory sites can end up in your History list by accident. For example, you might tap a legitimate-looking link in a web page or e-mail message, only to end up in some dark, dank Net neighborhood. Of course, you high-tail it out of there right away with a quick tap of the Safari Back button, but that nasty site is now lurking in your History.

Whether you’ve got sites on the History list that you wouldn’t want anyone to see or if you just find the ...

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