Enhancing Your iPhone with Apps

Your iPhone is an impressive, eyebrow-raising device right out of the box. It does everything you want it to do — or so you think, until you find out about some previously unknown feature and wonder how you ever lived without it. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would, or even could, improve the iPhone. However, as you see in this section, the App Store can make your iPhone more convenient, more productive, and more, well, anything!

Accessing the App Store on your computer

You’ve seen that your iPhone comes loaded not only with a basketful of terrific technology but also a decent collection of truly amazing apps, all of which take advantage of the special features on your iPhone. But it probably also won’t escape your notice that the iPhone suite of apps is incomplete. Where are the news and sports headlines? Why isn’t there an easy way to post a short note to your blog or a link to your Delicious account?

Fortunately, it’s possible to fill in these and many other gaping iPhone app holes with the App Store. You browse and purchase apps in the App Store the same way that you browse and purchase music in the iTunes Store — although many apps are free for the downloading. You can even use the familiar iTunes software on your Mac or Windows PC, or you can connect to the App Store directly from your iPhone, which is explained later.

To access the App Store on your computer, follow these steps:

1. Launch iTunes.

2. Click iTunes Store. The iTunes Store ...

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