Chapter 10 Can I Use My iPhone to Manage Contacts and Appointments?


The iPhone has never just been about the technology. Yes, it looks stylish, has enough bells and whistles to cause deafness, and it just works. iPhone users don’t know or care about things like antennae, flash drives, memory chips, and whatever else Apple somehow managed to cram into that tiny case. These things don’t matter because iPhone has always been about helping you get things done and making your life better, more creative, and more efficient. And, as you’ll see in this chapter, your iPhone can also go a long way toward making your life — particularly your contacts and your calendar — more organized.

Managing Your Contacts

One of the paradoxes of modern life is that as contact information becomes more important, you store less and less of it in the easiest database system of all — your memory. Instead of memorizing phone numbers like you used to, you now store your contact info electronically. When you think about it, this isn’t exactly surprising. It’s not just a landline phone number that you have to remember for each person anymore but also a cell number, e-mail and website addresses, a Twitter username, a physical address, and more. That’s a lot to remember, so it makes sense to go the electronic route. And for the iPhone, electronic means the Contacts app, which seems basic enough but is actually ...

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