iPhone All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Book description

Nearly 600 pages of content gets you up and running on your new iPhone

Want to get the most out of your iPhone? You've come to the right place. You'll be up and running in no time with easy coverage of iPhone basics, how to use the built-in iPhone apps, setting up security, texting, and more. And of course, it explains all the fun stuff too, like how to use Siri, your voice-activated personal assistant, video-chat with FaceTime, find your way with the Maps and driving directions, and much more. Whether this is your first iPhone or an upgrade to the latest version, get ready to outsmart the smartest smartphone in town with iPhone All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition.

  • Fully updated to cover the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iOS 7!

  • Five minibooks walk you through all aspects of using your iPhone: Meet the iPhone, Stocking the iPhone with iTunes Apps and Add-Ons, Communications Central, Making Your iPhone Your Personal Assistant, and Letting iPhone Entertain You

  • Gets you up to speed with the latest iPhone features, including all the new features in the iWork apps for iPhone!

  • Explains how to make phone and FaceTime video calls; exchange e-mails, texts, and multimedia messages; surf the web; find the latest apps, e-books, music, and games; shoot and share videos; sync with iCloud; and much more

  • Helps you keep your iPhone safe and happy, as well as troubleshoot and fix common problems

Find a wealth of great ways to use your iPhone at home, at work, or on the go with this fun and easy guide.

Table of contents

    1. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Conventions Used in This Book
      3. What You're Not to Read
      4. Foolish Assumptions
      5. How This Book Is Organized
        1. Book I: Meet iPhone
        2. Book II: Stocking iPhone with iTunes Apps and Add-ons
        3. Book III: Communications Central: Calls, Messages, and the Web
        4. Book IV: Making iPhone Your Personal Assistant
        5. Book V: Let iPhone Entertain You: Photos, Video, Music, and More
      6. Icons Used in This Book
      7. Beyond the Book
      8. Where to Go from Here
    2. Part I: Meet iPhone
      1. Chapter 1: Exploring the Many Faces of iPhone
        1. Looking at Your iPhone from Every Angle
          1. Front, back, top, bottom
          2. What you don't see can help you
          3. Other stuff in the box
        2. Considering iPhone Carriers and Configurations
        3. The Big Picture: It's All That and More!
          1. Phone
          2. Music and videos
          3. Camera and video camcorder
          4. Personal digital assistant
          5. Internet communicator
          6. Personal GPS navigator
          7. E-book and document reader
          8. Personal fitness trainer
          9. Pocket video game console
          10. Systemwide functions
          11. And a thousand other things!
      2. Chapter 2: Activating and Understanding Your iPhone
        1. Turning iPhone On and Off
        2. Activating Your iPhone
        3. Turning Up the Volume
        4. Charging Your iPhone Battery
          1. Plugging into the USB charger
          2. Charging with your Mac or PC's USB port
          3. More charging options
          4. Changing the battery
        5. Interpreting the (Visual) Signs
          1. Home screen
          2. Staying informed with status bar icons
          3. Understanding status bar colors
          4. Noticing notification messages and badges
        6. Making Connections
          1. Cellular
          2. Wi-Fi
          3. AirDrop
          4. Personal Hotspot and tethering
          5. Bluetooth
          6. Carrier
          7. GPS
          8. Printing from your iPhone
        7. Adjusting Accessibility Options for Easier Operation
        8. Other Accessibility Features
      3. Chapter 3: Controlling the Multitouch and Voice Recognition Interfaces
        1. Learning the Moves
        2. Home, Away from Home, and Home Again
        3. Launching and Managing Apps
          1. Launching apps
          2. Switching between apps
        4. Organizing Apps and Folders
          1. Organizing apps on your iPhone
          2. Folders
        5. Commandeering the Keyboard
          1. Keyboard settings
          2. Typing tips
          3. Keyboard layouts
        6. Editing Your Text
          1. Selecting
          2. Cutting, copying, and pasting
          3. Undoing and redoing
        7. Telling Siri What to Do
          1. Siri, take a memo
          2. Using Voice Control
        8. Shining a Light on Spotlight Searches
      4. Chapter 4: Touring iPhone's Preloaded Apps and Settings
        1. Tapping into iPhone's Pre-installed Apps
        2. Downloading Extra Apple iPhone Apps
        3. Adjusting iPhone's Settings
          1. Airplane Mode
          2. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Personal Hotspot, Carrier
          3. Notifications
          4. Control Center
          5. Do Not Disturb
          6. General
          7. Sounds
          8. Wallpapers & Brightness
          9. Privacy
          10. Other Apple and third-party app settings
        4. Activating iPhone's Security Features
          1. Auto-Lock
          2. Passcode Lock (iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and 5c)
          3. Passcode & Fingerprint (iPhone 5s)
          4. Restrictions
        5. Taking Steps if Your iPhone Is Lost or Stolen
      5. Chapter 5: Anticipating and Tackling iPhone Troubles
        1. Avoiding Common iPhone Problems
        2. Troubleshooting Q&A
        3. Getting More Help
        4. Getting Repairs if You Need Them
    3. Part II: Stocking iPhone with iTunes Apps and Add-ons
      1. Chapter 1: Syncing and Backing Up Your iPhone
        1. Creating an Apple ID
        2. Understanding Syncing versus Backing Up
          1. Syncing and backing up with iCloud
          2. Keeping documents in the cloud
          3. Backing up and syncing with iTunes
        3. Gauging Your Storage Needs
          1. Checking your iPhone's storage capacity
          2. Adding storage capacity to iCloud
        4. Syncing with More Than One iPhone or iTunes Computer
          1. One iPhone, multiple computers
          2. One computer, multiple iPhones
        5. Banking on Backups in Case Things Go Kerflooey
      2. Chapter 2: Apps 411: Browsing, Installing, and Managing Apps
        1. Discovering the Joy of Apps: “There's an App for That!”
          1. Free or for a price?
          2. Double- (or triple-) duty apps
        2. Searching for and Installing Apps
          1. Searching the iPhone App Store
          2. Installing from the iPhone App Store
          3. Sharing apps
          4. Apps that find you
        3. Deleting Apps
        4. Updating and Upgrading Apps
          1. Setting up automatic updates
          2. Using iPhone's App Store to update
          3. Using iTunes to update
          4. Upgrading apps and buying content
        5. App Info and Settings
        6. Reviewing Apps and Reporting Problems
          1. On your iPhone
          2. On iTunes
        7. Reinstalling Apps You Already Own
        8. Reading the News with Newsstand
        9. Checking in with Passbook
          1. Obtaining passes
          2. Getting on board
          3. Managing passes
        10. Playing Around in the Game Center
          1. Signing in and making friends
          2. Challenging a friend
          3. Taking your turn
          4. Playing with the Game Center settings
      3. Chapter 3: Enhancing and Protecting iPhone with Add-ons
        1. Taking Protective Measures
          1. Screen protectors
          2. Cases
        2. Discovering Headphones, Headsets, and Handsets
        3. Pumping Up the Volume
        4. Taking It Away with Car and Travel Accessories
    4. Part III: Communications Central: Calls, Messages, and the Web
      1. Chapter 1: Managing Phone and FaceTime Video Calls
        1. Homing in on Phone
        2. Making Calls
          1. Using Favorites
          2. Using Recents
          3. Using Contacts
          4. Blocking callers
          5. Using the Keypad
          6. Using Voicemail
          7. Using Siri or Voice Control
        3. Answering Calls
        4. Declining Calls
        5. Managing Calls
          1. Using Bluetooth headsets
          2. Multitasking while on a call
          3. Making dual and conference calls
        6. Visiting Voicemail
          1. Recording and changing your greeting
          2. Listening to and managing voicemail messages
        7. Taking Note of Phone Notifications
        8. Perusing Phone Settings
          1. Notifications
          2. Sounds
          3. Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Caller ID Blocking
        9. Doing FaceTime Calls
          1. Making a FaceTime call
          2. Accepting a FaceTime call
          3. Managing a FaceTime Video Call
          4. Adjusting FaceTime settings
        10. International Calling Options
      2. Chapter 2: Sending and Receiving Text and Multimedia Messages
        1. Reviewing Messages Features and Adjusting Settings
          1. Setting up Messages settings
          2. New message notification and alert
        2. Addressing, Writing, and Sending Text Messages and iMessages
          1. Addressing your message
          2. Sending an iMessage
          3. Writing your message
        3. Receiving and Replying to Text Messages
        4. Sending and Receiving Multimedia Messages
          1. Capturing and sending a video or photo
          2. Copying and sending existing videos, photos, and voice memos
          3. Sending Map Locations, Web Page Links, and More
        5. Saving and Deleting Messages
          1. Ongoing conversations
          2. Deleting messages
      3. Chapter 3: Surfing the Web with Safari
        1. Surfin’ Safari Tour
          1. Opening web pages
          2. Safari keyboard tips and tricks
          3. Stopping and reloading web pages
        2. Viewing Web Pages
          1. Using fullscreen and portrait views
          2. Using Reader
          3. Scrolling web pages
          4. Zooming web pages
        3. Navigating Web Pages
          1. Moving from page to page
          2. Revisiting history with History
        4. Tapping into Web Page Links
          1. Working with basic links and forms
          2. Opening app web links
        5. Acting on Web Page Links
        6. Playing Favorites with Bookmarks
          1. Viewing, opening, and creating bookmarks
          2. Adding bookmarks
          3. Organizing bookmarks
          4. Saving to read later
        7. Accessing Websites from the Home Screen
          1. Web apps
          2. Web Clips
        8. Searching Tips and Tricks
        9. Adjusting General and Security Settings
      4. Chapter 4: E-mailing Every Which Way You Can
        1. Configuring Your E-Mail Account
          1. Setting up an iCloud account
          2. Google Mail, Yahoo!, AOL, and Outlook.com accounts
          3. Setting up Microsoft Exchange
          4. Setting up other IMAP and POP accounts
        2. Using Mail
          1. Creating and sending e-mail messages
          2. Sending messages from other apps
          3. Giving VIP status
          4. Replying to, forwarding, filing, printing, and deleting messages
          5. Working with multiple messages
          6. Tapping into in-message links
          7. Multiple mailboxes
          8. Searching messages
        3. Adjusting E-Mail Account Settings
          1. Settings for message presentation
          2. Account-specific settings
          3. Using Push and Fetch
    5. Part IV: Making iPhone Your Personal Assistant
      1. Chapter 1: Perfecting Your People Skills with Contacts
        1. Adding Existing Contacts
          1. Accessing your contacts from iCloud
          2. Adding and syncing Microsoft Exchange contacts
          3. Importing Google, Yahoo!, AOL, and Outlook contacts
          4. Configuring LDAP or CardDAV contacts accounts
          5. Adding your social network contacts
        2. Creating New Contacts
          1. Filling in name, address, phone number, and more
          2. Adding photos
          3. Adding contacts from phone calls and messages
        3. Editing and Deleting Contacts
        4. Sorting and Displaying Contacts
        5. Searching Contacts
        6. Sending One Contact to Another
        7. Calling and Messaging from Contacts
      2. Chapter 2: Managing Your Time with Calendar, Reminders, and Clock
        1. Adding and Syncing Existing Calendars
          1. Adding a calendar on your iPhone
          2. Using Calendar with iCloud
          3. Adding calendars from other sources
          4. Configuring CalDAV calendar accounts
          5. Adding Facebook events to Calendar
          6. Subscribing to iCalendar (.ics) calendars
          7. Deleting calendars
        2. Viewing and Hiding Calendars
          1. Calendar views
          2. Showing birthdays
        3. Creating, Changing, and Deleting Calendar Events
          1. Filling in who, what, where, and when
          2. Editing and deleting events
          3. Responding to meeting invitations
        4. Sharing Calendars
        5. Adjusting iPhone's Calendar Settings
        6. Remembering with Reminders
          1. Creating Reminders lists
          2. Creating new Reminders tasks
        7. Using Clock to Help Pass the Time
          1. Adding clocks from around the world
          2. Setting Alarms
          3. Timing events with Stopwatch
          4. Counting down to zero with Timer
      3. Chapter 3: Tapping into Maps, Compass, Weather, Calculator, Stocks, and Numbers
        1. Adjusting iPhone's Location Settings and Services
        2. Getting There from Here with Maps
          1. Finding yourself
          2. Seeking and finding locations
          3. Sharing points of interest
          4. Dropping a pin
          5. Getting directions
          6. Setting Maps’ settings
        3. Talking about the Weather
          1. Adding, removing, and reorganizing cities
          2. Viewing current and upcoming conditions
        4. Staying on the Straight and Level with Compass
          1. Calibrating your iPhone for greater accuracy
          2. Getting your bearing
          3. Choosing between true north or magnetic north
          4. Keeping things on the Level
        5. Doing the Math with Calculator
          1. Doing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
          2. Switching to a scientific view
        6. Tracking Investments with Stocks
          1. Adding, deleting, and reordering stocks, funds, and indexes
          2. Scrolling through views and news
          3. Monitoring investment performance over time
        7. Summing It up with Numbers
          1. Creating a spreadsheet with formulas
          2. Formatting tables
          3. Adding tables, charts, and media
          4. Renaming, sharing, and deleting spreadsheets
      4. Chapter 4: Creating and Sharing Notes and Voice Memos
        1. Taking Note of Notes
          1. Creating a new note
          2. Searching and managing your Notes list
          3. Browsing, editing, deleting, and e-mailing Notes
          4. Setting up multiple Notes accounts
        2. Speaking of Voice Memos
          1. Recording voice memos
          2. Listening to voice memos
          3. Trimming a voice memo
          4. Sharing or deleting a voice memo
          5. Syncing voice memos with iTunes
        3. Publishing with Pages
          1. Creating a Pages document
          2. Fine-tuning your text and images
          3. Adding other design elements
          4. Checking your spelling
        4. Making Your Point with Keynote
          1. Creating a new presentation
          2. Adding transitions between slides
          3. Using interactive links
          4. Renaming, sharing, and deleting documents
    6. Part V: Letting iPhone Entertain You: Photos, Videos, Music, and More
      1. Chapter 1: Capturing, Editing, and Sharing Photos
        1. Camera Features and Controls
          1. Previewing through the viewfinder
          2. Taking photos with the iSight camera
          3. Bursting on the scene
          4. Taking a panoramic view
          5. Setting the exposure and focus
          6. Lighten up
          7. To zoom or not to zoom
          8. Turning on iPhone's HDR
          9. Turning the lens on yourself
        2. Browsing and Editing Photos
          1. Creating albums
          2. Editing photos
          3. Sharing the (photo) wealth
          4. Viewing slideshows
        3. Photo Stream and Shared Streams
          1. Photo Stream storage
          2. Photo Sharing
        4. Making More Adjustments with iPhoto
          1. Viewing your photos
          2. Flagging, tagging, and liking photos
          3. Editing photos
          4. Deleting photos
      2. Chapter 2: Acquiring and Browsing Music, Videos, Movies, and More
        1. Matching Your Media to iTunes
          1. Media that's already on your computer
          2. Media on a CD
        2. Browsing, Sampling, and Buying Music, Movies, and More at the iTunes Store
          1. On your computer
          2. Authorizing iTunes to play your purchased music, videos, books, and apps
          3. On your iPhone
        3. Managing and Transferring Purchases
          1. Playlists
          2. Tracking purchases
        4. Getting the Goods for Free
        5. Reading Bestsellers in iBooks
          1. Finding something to read
          2. For your reading pleasure
        6. Enrolling in iTunes U
          1. Choosing courses
          2. Attending class
      3. Chapter 3: Listening to Music and Audio
        1. Meeting and Mastering the Music App
          1. iTunes Radio
          2. Finding songs
          3. Playing songs
          4. Playing albums
          5. Playlists
        2. Controlling Audio Playback
          1. Using the Playback Controls in the Control Center or Lock Screen
          2. Using the headset remote to control playback
          3. Using Voice Control or Siri to control playback
          4. Listening to music with AirPlay
        3. Customizing Music's Settings
        4. Playing Audiobooks
        5. Listening to Podcasts
          1. Finding podcasts
          2. Podcast playback
          3. Podcast stations
          4. Podcast Settings
      4. Chapter 4: Recording, Editing, and Watching Videos
        1. Getting and Watching Videos on Your iPhone
          1. Controlling playback
          2. Video settings
          3. Connecting to a monitor or TV
          4. Playing video with AirPlay
          5. Streaming from your computer to your iPhone
        2. Shooting Video with Camera
          1. Viewing and trimming videos
          2. Slowing down the action
        3. Directing iMovies
          1. Creating a project
          2. Creating a movie trailer
    7. About the Authors
    8. Cheat Sheet
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  • Title: iPhone All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2013
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118723005