Chapter 3

Controlling the Multitouch and Voice Recognition Interfaces

In This Chapter

arrow Learning the moves: tapping, scrolling, and zooming

arrow Leaving Home and going Home again

arrow Organizing apps and folders

arrow Talking to your iPhone

arrow Commandeering the keyboard

arrow Searching here, there, and everywhere

If you activated your iPhone and explored some of the options as we discussed in the first two chapters of this book, you've already intuitively used a couple of the multitouch gestures — tap and possibly scroll. You also used the keyboard to type your Apple ID and maybe you tried talking to Siri.

In this chapter, we describe the gestures you use to control your iPhone, gestures you'll come across time and again throughout the rest of the book. We explain how the Home screen is organized and what the Home button does, and show you how to organize apps and folders on the Home screen. We then introduce ...

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