Chapter 4

Touring iPhone's Preloaded Apps and Settings

In This Chapter

arrow Getting to know preloaded apps

arrow Adjusting basic settings to suit your style

arrow Invoking iPhone's security and privacy features

arrow Setting up Touch ID

arrow Averting panic in case your iPhone is lost or stolen

As the name implies, your iPhone is first and foremost a cellular phone. Given its Internet capabilities of browsing the web and juggling e-mail, it's also a first-class smartphone. But you're probably starting to realize — if you didn't already know — that it's so much more. The apps that come with your iPhone make it a time and task manager, an address book, a photo album, an e-reader, and a GPS navigator. This chapter introduces you to those apps, as well as every other preloaded app. We also tell you about a few free iPhone apps that don't come preloaded on your iPhone that we think should.

We close this chapter by showing you how to adjust your iPhone's basic settings to suit your personal style, explaining how ...

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