Chapter 5

Anticipating and Tackling iPhone Troubles

In This Chapter

arrow Avoiding common iPhone problems

arrow Troubleshooting Q&A

You might think that near the beginning of a book is a strange place for the troubleshooting chapter. We decided to do things a little differently.

Often, when something goes awry, you panic — it's human nature. No one likes a glitch, or feeling unprepared or stupid. That's why we put this chapter up front. You can skim through the topics so if one of the problems we mention occurs, you won't be surprised or panicked. You'll know where to look to resolve the problem calmly and quickly.

We include some information here to help you avoid problems, along with the traditional troubleshooting question-and-answer format. In each chapter, we include some warnings of things that could happen and tips for how to resolve problems specific to the chapter at hand.

Avoiding Common iPhone Problems

With iCloud syncing, your version of iOS and your apps should always be current. If you're having problems, however, tap Settings⇒General⇒Software Update just to be sure your iOS is current. If a badge appears on the App Store icon, chances are the Automatic Downloads option isn't on for Apps. Go to Settings⇒iTunes & App Store and tap Apps to the On position under Automatic Downloads. ...

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