Chapter 2

Sending and Receiving Text and Multimedia Messages

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up for SMS and MMS messages

arrow Using iMessage to text iOS devices and Macs

arrow Sending and receiving messages

arrow Managing messages

Remember when you drove off to college and Mom, a tear in her eye, said “Call me when you get there.” Now moms say, “Text me when you get there.” Messages on your iPhone is your one-stop text, media, and iMessage messaging center and we tell you all about it in this chapter.

As with other apps, you have more than one way to perform the task at hand. In this chapter, we show you the different ways you can send messages — traditional SMS and MMS as well as iMessage messages, which you exchange with your i-device — and Mac — user friends. With iMessage, you can begin an exchange (called a conversation in Messages lingo) on one device, say your iPhone while you're at the bus stop, and then continue it on another, such as your Mac or iPad, when you get home. Because “the media is the message,” we show you how to add photos, video, voice memos, and links to your messages. With all ...

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