Chapter 3

Surfing the Web with Safari

In This Chapter

arrow Touring Safari's features

arrow Opening and viewing web pages

arrow Filling out forms

arrow Managing bookmarks

arrow Adding web apps and clips to your Home screen

arrow Adjusting general and security settings

One of the things that makes a smartphone stand out from a cellular phone is the cellular data capability, or in simpler terms, surfing the web and accessing e-mail. In this chapter we talk about the first one, specifically using Safari, your iPhone's browser app. We begin with a guided tour, pointing out basic features and ways you use Safari to browse web pages. We then walk you through actually opening and viewing pages, showing you neat things along the way to make viewing web pages easier.

After getting your feet wet with a little basic web surfing, we show you how to juggle multiple web pages you want to view, how to work with media within a web ...

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