About the Authors

Joe Hutsko is the author of Green Gadgets For Dummies, Flip Video For Dummies (with Drew Davidson), and Mac All-in-One For Dummies (with Barbara Boyd). For more than two decades, he has written about computers, gadgets, video games, trends, and high-tech movers and shakers for numerous publications and websites, including the New York Times, Macworld, PC World, Fortune, Newsweek, Popular Science, TV Guide, the Washington Post, Wired, Gamespot, MSNBC, Engadget, TechCrunch, and Salon. You can find links to Joe’s stories on his blog, JOEyGADGET.com.

As a kid, Joe built a shortwave radio, played with electronic project kits, and learned the basics of the BASIC programming language on his first computer, the Commodore Vic 20. In his teens, he picked strawberries to buy his first Apple II computer. Four years after that purchase (in 1984), he wound up working for Apple, where he became the personal technology guru for the company’s chairman and CEO. Joe left Apple in 1988 to become a writer and worked on and off for other high-tech companies, including Steve Jobs’ one-time NeXT. He authored a number of video game strategy guides, including the bestsellers Donkey Kong Country Game Secrets: The Unauthorized Edition, and Rebel Assault: The Official Insiders Guide.

Joe’s first novel, The Deal, was published in 1999, and he recently rereleased a trade paperback edition of it with a new foreword by the author (bit.ly/thedealjoehutsko).

Barbara Boyd is the co-author with ...

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