You hear a lot about tech taking over and smartphones — with iPhone at the lead — getting in the way of personal relationships. We won’t lie to you: We love tech and telling people about it, but our goal is not for tech to take charge of your life: We want you to take charge of tech.

In this book, we try to find the balance between simple, practical information for new users and new information for experienced users. Whatever your iPhone user level, we want this book to bring you to a point of using your iPhone at the maximum potential for you. For some that might mean using three or four apps such as Phone, Camera, and Messages, whereas for others, it might mean using most of the preinstalled apps.

About This Book

To write this book, we looked into every nook and cranny of iPhone, and then we asked friends and family with iPhones to tell us their weirdest, most confusing, and most confounding iPhone circumstances, which we tried to solve. Armed with that information, we revised the previous edition of this book and believe we get pretty darn close to telling you all there is to know. That said, Apple releases iOS updates frequently — this book is based on iOS 8.0 — and we encourage you to keep your iPhone and app software up to date and stay informed as to how to use features that may be added with updates.

We’re not perfect, so we undoubtedly missed something. Let us know. Your comments, questions, and compliments help us to improve future editions. Drop a note ...

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