Chapter 10

Adding Animation and Sound to Your App

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the iPhone coordinate system

arrow Animating the car (view)

arrow Working with the block object pattern

arrow Detecting and responding to touches

arrow Animating in place

Although it may take some time before you go on your road trip, as well as complete the building of the app I’m showing you in this book, the least I can do is show you how to take a test drive in your ’59 pink Cadillac Eldorado convertible.

In this chapter, you find out how to make the car move up the screen, turn around, and move back to its original position — and with appropriate sound effects.

I also show you how to drag the car on the screen to position the ride from wherever you’d like. And to add just a little more pizazz, I show you how to make the TestDrive button blink.

This chapter provides you with a very good base for understanding animation and sound, and explains how to manage touches on the screen.

Understanding Animation on the iPhone

Fortunately, ...

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