Chapter 11

Finishing the Basic Application Structure

In This Chapter

arrow Laying out the basic application structure in the storyboard

arrow Adding and formatting the rest of the view controllers for the RoadTrip app

arrow Creating the segues

arrow Adding a gesture recognizer to the Content controller

In earlier chapters, I’ve waxed poetic about storyboards, but I haven’t really (completely) shown you why I find them so appealing. Now it’s time for you to experience the reason yourself.

As I say earlier in the book, the storyboard is basically about working with view controllers. In this chapter, I show you how to extend your storyboard to lay out the flow, or the user experience architecture of most of your application, or at least the big pieces of the app, such as the Content controller, which lets you choose what you want to do. You also add the structure for the user to find out the weather forecast for the destination, find events that are happening at the destination, bring up a map, and find a location on a map.

Extending the Storyboard to Add More Functionality to Your App

You start by selecting ...

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