Chapter 18

Ten Apps Worth Paying For


check Akinator VIP, Comics, and OldBooth

check Action Movie FX and Halide

check iTeleport and Baseball Statistics

check Dark Sky, Wallet, and Heads Up!

If you read Chapter 17, you know that lots of great free apps are available for your iPhone. But as the cliché goes, some things are worth paying for. In some cases, the apps in this chapter are free up front, but you have to part with some loot to fully take advantage of them. Still, none of the ten for-pay apps we've chosen as some of our favorites are likely to break the bank.

As you're about to discover, some of the apps on this list are practical and others are downright silly. The common theme? We think you'll like carrying these apps around on your iPhone.

Akinator VIP

Did you play Twenty Questions as a kid? Akinator VIP ($1.99) from Elokence is a loose variation that has you often scratching your head: “How did he get that?”

Basically, you think about a character, real or fictional, and the Akinator genie asks you a bunch of questions to try to figure out who is on your mind. The Akinator poses ...

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