Chapter 15

Playing with Music on iPhone

Get ready to . . .

View the Library Contents

Create Playlists

Search for Audio

Play Music and Other Audio

Shuffle Music

Use AirPlay

Play Music with iTunes Radio

Add Stations to iTunes Radio

View Your iTunes Radio History

iPhone includes an iPod-like app called Music that allows you to take advantage of its amazing little sound system to play your favorite music or podcasts and audiobooks.

In this chapter, you get acquainted with the Music app and its features that allow you to sort and find music and control playback. You also get an overview of AirPlay for accessing and playing your music over a home network. Finally, I introduce you to iTunes Radio, coming to iPhone with iOS 7.

View the Library Contents

1. Tap the Music app icon, located in the Dock on the Home screen. The Music library appears (the Artists view is shown Figure 15-1).


Figure 15-1

2. Tap the Playlists, Artists, or Songs buttons at the bottom of the library to view your music according to these criteria (refer to Figure 15-1).

3. Tap the More button (see Figure 15-2) to view music by album, genre, or composer, or to view any audiobooks you’ve acquired.


Figure 15-2

iTunes has several free items you can download and use to play around with the features ...

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