Chapter 20

Creating and Watching Videos


Bullet Capture your own videos with the built-in cameras

Bullet Play movies or TV shows

Bullet Turn on closed-captioning

Bullet Delete a video from the iPhone

Using the TV app (formerly known as Videos in earlier iOS versions), you can watch downloaded movies or TV shows, as well as media that you’ve synced from iCloud on your Mac or PC, and even media that’s provided from other content providers, such as cable and streaming video services. The TV app aims to be your one-stop shop for your viewing pleasure.

In addition, newer iPhone models sport both a front and rear video camera that you can use to capture your own videos, and by downloading the iMovie app for iPhone (a more limited version of the longtime mainstay on Mac computers), you add the capability to edit those videos.

In this chapter, I explain all about shooting and watching video content from a variety of sources. For practice, you might want to refer to Chapter 16 first to find out how to purchase or download one of many available TV shows or movies from the iTunes Store.

Capture Your ...

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