Chapter 19

Taking and Sharing Photos


Bullet Take pictures with your iPhone

Bullet Save photos from the web

Bullet View albums and single photos

Bullet Edit and organize photos

Bullet View photos by time and place

Bullet Share and delete photos

With its high-resolution camera modules and gorgeous screen, the iPhone is a natural for taking and viewing photos. It supports JPEG and HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) photos. You can shoot your photos by using the iPhone cameras with built-in square or panorama mode. With recent iPhone models, you can edit your images using smart adjustment filters. You can also sync photos from your computer, save images you find online to your iPhone, or receive them by email, MMS, or iMessage.

The photo sharing feature lets you share groups of photos with people using iCloud on an iPhone or iPad or on a Mac or Windows computer with iCloud access. Your iCloud photo library makes ...

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