Chapter 13. News, Blogs, and Bookmarks

The Skim

What's Going on Right Now

News, Blogs, and Bookmarks

If the only thing the iPhone did for you was deliver online information, it'd still be cheap at double the price.

Well, okay ... it'd still be worth paying full retail.

Oh, I've forgotten about the two-year cell phone contract. Okay: The iPod Touch would definitely be worth paying full retail if all it did was deliver online information.

(I seem to be getting sidetracked again.)

The secret is the power and ambition of the Safari browser. It's absolutely tops in mobile. But you'll be missing a number of neat tricks and conveniences if you lock yourself in to the standard mode of bookmarking sites and visiting them. The shortest distance between your eyeballs and the information you want to be reading is usually along the line of a brilliant online service — or a dedicated iPhone application.


The Firehose Effect is a big problem with the Internet in general, but it's an operatic-scale lament when you just want your iPhone to deliver the convenience and browsability of a simple 50-cent newspaper. There's just way too much data out there, scattered across way too many resources. The world reads the Web so you don't have to.

Figure 13.1. The world reads the Web so you don't have to.

So when you want to fill 20 minutes of waiting time ...

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