Chapter 17. Downloading Music from Places Other than iTunes

The Skim

Downloading Music for Free

Downloading Music from Places Other than iTunes

Apple is famous for end-to-end solutions. And although that sounds a little bit naughty, it just really means that by creating a world in which you sit down at your Apple computer and launch an app that Apple created for managing music and connect to Apple's online music store and syncing the music you bought to your Apple portable music player ... well, then Apple has a big opportunity to make sure that nothing goes wrong at any step along the way.

It also has an opportunity to dissuade you from giving any other computer, software, or music company a shot at your cash.

So, yeah, I guess it really is just a little bit naughty.

The iTunes Store is actually quite a marvel. I've always held that I'd rather live under a dictator who anticipates and satisfies my every need than live in freedom, if freedom entails that all I have are 10 earthworms for dinner and a further 90 that I'm fattening up for market so that maybe I can come home with four beans to feed the favorite of my nine children.

But Apple's hardly your sole source of online music. There are plenty of ways to get your hands on free music that are in fact perfectly legal. And in recent months, two large online music retailers have discovered a way to sell music to iPhone and iPod users that goes iTunes one better.


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