Chapter 21. Calendars and Contacts

The Skim

Dealing with Non-Standard Calendar and Contact Apps

Calendars and Contacts

Hmm. So I suppose I can't talk you out of this idea. No matter what I say, you're going to use your iPhone or your iPod Touch to store an address book and a personal calendar.

No, Idon't approve. I've examined this from all angles and you can't escape the realization that address books and calendars each increase the risk of human social contact. at sort of thing can really cut into the time you have available to translate the Wizard of Oz into Klingon.

If you're using Microsoft Outlook or the standard Mac OS X apps (iCal and Address Book) to manage your calendars and contacts on the desktop, you have this bit covered already. iTunes automagically syncs your data to the device. Move on and thanks for reading this intro. Here, take afree tip on how to make ice cubes: If you use hot water, they'll come out looking nice and clear instead of cloudy. Off you go.

But Microsoft Outlook and Apple's iCal and Address Book are the only apps that iTunes supports directly. If you use another app to manage that big wobbly mound of names and phone numbers and agreed-upon dates and times when humans can step right up and break your heart, you'll need to bring in some help.


If you use a nicely managed company mail system, the concept of copying your desktop ...

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