iPhone in Action: Introduction to Web and SDK Development

Book description

"The entry to the world of iPhone."

-Aiden Montgomery, Wile Ltd.

"If you're new to iPhone development, this is your book!"

-Larry C. Whipple, Mobile Productivity, Inc.

"Get this book. It's pure gold."

-Martijn Dashorst, Author of Wicket in Action

"The quick & easy guide."

-Premkumar Rajendran, HCL Technologies

"The only book on iPhone development I will ever need."

-Rama Krishna Vavilala, Author of ASP.NET AJAX in Action

The iPhone explodes old ideas of a cell phone. Its native SDK offers a remarkable range of features including easy-to-build graphical objects, a unique navigation system, and a built-in database, all on a location-knowledgeable device. Websites and web apps can now behave like native iPhone apps, with great network integration.

iPhone in Action is an in-depth introduction to both native and web programming for the iPhone. You'll learn how to turn your web pages into compelling iPhone web apps using WebKit, iUI, and Canvas. The authors also take you step by step into more complex Objective-C programming. They help you master the iPhone SDK including its UI and features like accelerometers, GPS, the Address Book, SQLite, and many more. Using Apple's standard tools like Dashcode, Xcode, and Interface Builder, you'll learn how to best use both approaches: iPhone web and SDK programming. This book is intended as an introduction to its topics. Proficiency with C, Cocoa, or Objective-C is helpful but not required.

What's Inside

  • A comprehensive tutorial for iPhone programming

  • Web development, the SDK, and hybrid coding

  • Over 60 web, Dashcode, and SDK examples

Product information

  • Title: iPhone in Action: Introduction to Web and SDK Development
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2008
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781933988863