Chapter 4

Applying iPhone Auto-Mode Settings


Bullet Zooming options with different camera modes

Bullet Discovering selfie photo best practices

Bullet Choosing when to use square photos

Bullet Photographing in the panoramic mode

In this chapter, you go beyond taking normal photos to creating advanced selfie photos. I also cover square and panoramic photos so that you know exactly why you should use these options and when to choose them to serve your creative vision.

Zooming with Various Camera Modes

Zooming in to your subject can visually bring distant objects closer so that they fill your iPhone camera’s screen. However, the ability to zoom in or out works with only some photography modes. If you have your iPhone with you, you can follow along with these camera modes and their zooming abilities:

  • Selfie photos: No zooming is available for iPhone X series models or earlier. A slightly wider zoom is available for iPhone 11 series models, which I explain in the section “Taking Selfies,” later in this chapter.
  • Square photos: All optical and digital zooming functionality is available in the same ...

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