Chapter 8

Documenting Your Travel and Vacation in Pictures


Bullet Using Portrait mode for nonhuman subjects

Bullet Photographing travel cityscapes through hotel windows

Bullet Minimizing clutter in your travel photos

Bullet Choosing S-curve compositions when traveling

Bullet Composing for equidistance

Bullet Placing people with more space in front of them

Whether your travel or vacation adventure is across the world or to the next state, documenting your experiences will act as a highly valued time-capsule for future generations.

Do you value those old photo albums from generations past? They give us a glimpse into our family history, especially the fun photos taken by past family members when travelling or on vacation. So, do the same courtesy to our future generations and give them the opportunity for a sense of nostalgia many decades from now.

In this chapter, you discover pro tips for capturing the best ...

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