Chapter 1. Presenting the iPhone Camera

In This Chapter

  • What you can do with the iPhone

  • What the iPhone can do for you

  • Finding your way around the iPhone

As a professional photographer, I've learned (the hard way, I might add) that anytime you leave your camera at home, you'll need it to capture a spectacular scene you've never before witnessed. It's a solid gold, guaranteed, take-it-to-the-bank fact.

We know the iPhone is a fantastic smartphone. With a built-in camera (and on the iPhone 4 a built-in LED flash) and software, it can also bring great joy by making digital photography available, in your pocket. If you're like me, you never go anywhere without your iPhone. I've been taking photographs for a number of years, and the advent of the digital age is truly a wondrous event. No more running out of film or wondering whether I've captured the shot only to discover later that I didn't.

Presenting the iPhone Camera

The resolution of the iPhone camera isn't as high as some digital cameras you might have seen, but as I show you in this book, good photography isn't just about megapixels.

Let me show you how to get the most from your iPhone camera. Throughout the book, I try to show you the differences in iPhone models where they are important. However, the assumption is you are running the latest Apple iPhone software, which is iOS4.

The Big Picture

Some of you remember a time when cameras were big and bulky, you had to ...

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