Chapter 10. Having Fun with Your Photos

In This Chapter

  • Swapping faces in your photos

  • Colorizing effects made easy

  • Using Web sites to share your photos

Remember the old saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?" Well, the same is true for photography. You have all sorts of serious reasons for taking photographs. Perhaps you're documenting an event for your family, catching a playful mood with your loved one, or just capturing a scene because it evokes a particular feeling when you see it. All that is the "work" part of photography.

Having Fun with Your Photos

Wouldn't it be great if there were some applications out there that let you have some creative fun with your camera? Luckily, apps are available — both free and for a fee — that let you unleash your humorous side. I show you a few apps to get you started, then you can browse the App Store at your leisure to find more that you like.

Tricks with Your Pics

The changes you can make to your photos span a wide variety of digital effects. Sometimes, an app can change the look of a person's face. Other times, an app lets you change the overall color cast or tint of a photo, lets you add sepia tone, makes the photo black and white, or turns people into caricatures.

Changing faces with Soupface

Although most of us aren't making false identification papers or passports, we can all enjoy morphing people's faces and seeing what we come up with. Soupface can do this, ...

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