What to Do with a Message

Once you've viewed a message, you can respond to it, delete it, file it, and so on. Here's the drill.

Read It

The type size in email messages can be pretty small. Fortunately, you have some great iPhoney enlargement tricks at your disposal. For example:

  • Spread two fingers to enlarge the entire email message (Pinch and Spread).

  • Double-tap a narrow block of text to make it fill the screen, if it doesn't already.

Drag or flick your finger to scroll through or around the message.


You can also, of course, just ask the iPhone to use a larger type size. From the Home screen, tap Settings→Mail, Contacts, Calendars→Minimum Font Size. You can choose the minimum type size you want from these options: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, or Giant. (What, no Humongous?)

It's nice to note that links are "live" in email messages. Tap a phone number to call it; a Web address to open it; a YouTube link to watch it; an email address to write to it; and so on.


If you' re using a Gmail account—a great idea—then any message you send, reply to, delete, or file into a folder is reflected on the Web at Gmail.com. Whether deleting a message really deletes it (after 30 days) or adds it to Gmail's "archived" stash depends on the tweaky settings described at http://tinyurl.com/yokd27.

Reply to It

To answer a message, tap the Reply/Forward icon () at the bottom of the screen. You're asked ...

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