Info Tab (Contacts, Calendars, Settings)

On this tab, you're offered the chance to copy some distinctly non-entertainment data over to your iPhone: your computer's calendar, address book, email settings, and Web bookmarks. The PalmPilot-type stuff (Rolodex, date book) is extremely useful to have with you, and the settings and bookmarks save you a lot of tedious setup on the iPhone.


If you're a subscriber to Apple's data-in-the-clouds MobileMe service, you won't see the controls described on the following pages. That's because MobileMe, not iTunes, is now handling synchronization with the iPhone. Instead, all you see is a message to the effect that, for example, "Your calendars are being pushed to your iPhone over the air from MobileMe."

Syncing Contacts

If you've been adding to your address book for years in a program like Microsoft Outlook or Mac OS X's Address Book, you're just a sync away from porting all that accumulated data right over to your iPhone. Once there, info like phone numbers and email addresses show up as links, so you can reach out and tap someone.

Here's how to sync up your contacts with the iPhone. The steps depend on which program you keep them in.

  • Outlook 2003 and 2007. Turn on Sync contacts from:, and, from the pop-up menu, choose Outlook. Finally, click Apply.

    Note that some of the more obscure fields Outlook lets you use, like Radio and Telex, won't show up on the iPhone. All the major data points do, however, like name, email address, and (most importantly) ...

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