The General pages offer a massive, motley assortment of miscellaneous settings, governing the behavior of the virtual keyboard, the Bluetooth transmitter, the iPhone's little-known password-protection feature, and more.

  • About. Tapping this item opens a page for the statistics nut. Here you can find out how many songs your iPhone holds; how much storage your iPhone has; techie details like the iPhone's software and firmware versions, serial number, model, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses; and so on.

  • Usage. In the months before the iPhone was released, Apple watchers whipped themselves into a frenzy of speculation about the iPhone's battery life. Wi-Fi, videos, Internet, cellphone calls—that's a lot of drain on a slim little internal battery. How would it do?

    You probably already know the official Apple battery-life statistics: 5 hours of talking on 3G networks, 10 hours of talking otherwise, 6 hours of Internet, or 24 hours of music playing, and so on. But you don't have to trust Apple's figures, thanks to the handy built-in battery-life calculator shown here.

    The Usage readout shows, in hours and minutes, how much time you've spent using all iPhone functions (although it's not broken down by activity, alas). Standby is how much time the iPhone has spent in sleep mode, awaiting calls.

    The two statistics under Call Time tell you how much time you've spent talking on the iPhone, broken down by Current Period (that is, during this AT&T billing month) and in the iPhone's entire Lifetime. ...

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