Appendix B. Accessorizing the iPhone

Like the iPods that came before it, the iPhone has inspired a torrent of accessories that seems to intensify with every passing month. Stylish cases, speakers, docks, cables—the list goes on.

This appendix gives you a tiny representative sampling. It also points you in the right direction so you can find iPhone accessories that look good, sound good, and most importantly—fit.

Proper Shopping for the iPhone

This is the most important thing to remember when you’re looking for iPhone hardware: Not all iPod and iPhone accessories are created equal. (Or, as Yoda might say: Created equal, not all iPod and iPhone accessories are.)

For example:

  • The iPhone 4/4S is shaped differently from the iPhone 3GS. Form-fitting cases, sockets, and accessories designed for the older model don’t fit the newer ones.

  • The iPhone 5’s new Lightning connector doesn’t fit any of the hardware accessories in this appendix without the help of Apple’s $30 adapter (or the $40 adapter that has an eight-inch cable “tail”). Of course, in time—probably very little time—the companies represented here will come up with Lightning-compatible versions of their gear. But for now, buyer beware—or buyer stock up on $30 adapters.

Where to Buy Accessories

Some good places to look:

  • Apple’s iPhone Accessories Web page and, even better, the Apple Store app. Here are all of Apple’s own, official white plastic cables, the optional iPhone dock adapters, and power plugs, alongside tons of iPhone-friendly products ...

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