iPhoto ’08 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide

Book description

Visual QuickStart Guide—the quick and easy way to learn!

With iPhoto '08 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, readers can start from the beginning to get a tour of the applications, or look up specific tasks to learn just what they need to know. This task-based, visual guide uses step-by-step instructions and hundreds of full-color screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users how to make the most out of their digital photos with iPhoto '08. Perfect for anyone who needs to learn the program inside out, this guide covers everything from importing, tagging, editing, and perfecting images to creating slideshows and photo albums to easy online Web publishing. Readers will learn about everything new in iPhoto '08, including automatically organizing photos by event; new editing tools that allow the user to paste a set of adjustments from one photo into another; creating new hardcover photo books, large-font calendars, and more; sharing photos via the .Mac Web Gallery; printing high-quality, frame-worthy photos with colored textures, borders, and mattes; and much more.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. About the Author
  3. Other Books by Adam C. Engst
  4. Special Thanks
  5. Technical Colophon
  6. Featured Photographers
  7. 1. Getting Started
    1. Hardware and Software Requirements
      1. To run iPhoto, you need
    2. Acquiring iPhoto
      1. Ways to get iPhoto 7
    3. Installing iPhoto
      1. To install iPhoto
    4. Updating iPhoto via Software Update
      1. To update iPhoto via Software Update
    5. Updating to iPhoto 7
      1. Tips when updating to iPhoto 7
    6. Launching iPhoto
      1. Ways to launch iPhoto
      2. iPhoto’s initial launch
    7. iPhoto’s Modes
      1. Import mode
      2. Organize mode
      3. Edit mode
      4. Slideshow mode
      5. Book/calendar/card/print mode
    8. Interface Overview
  8. 2. Importing and Managing Photos
    1. Entering Import Mode
      1. Ways to enter import mode
    2. Importing from a Camera
      1. To import from a digital camera
    3. Importing from a Card Reader
      1. To import from a card reader
    4. Importing from Files
      1. Ways to import files into iPhoto
    5. Importing from Mail, Safari, and Other Apps
      1. To import from Mail
      2. To import from Safari
      3. To import by dragging
      4. To import by saving, then dragging
    6. Importing from an iPhoto Disc
      1. To import from an iPhoto disc
    7. Importing via Image Capture
      1. To import using Image Capture
    8. iPhoto Directory Structure
    9. Leaving Photos in Place
    10. Deleting Photos
      1. Ways to trash photos
      2. To delete photos for good
    11. Culling Photos Quickly
      1. Ways to cull imported photos
    12. Recovering Photos
      1. Ways to recover photos
    13. Creating Multiple iPhoto Libraries
      1. To create an iPhoto Library
    14. Switching between iPhoto Libraries
      1. Ways to switch between iPhoto libraries
    15. Backing Up Your Photos
      1. To back up photos
    16. Other Backup Options
      1. Other backup options
    17. Merging iPhoto Libraries
      1. To merge iPhoto libraries (I)
      2. To merge iPhoto libraries (II)
      3. To merge iPhoto libraries (III)
      4. To merge iPhoto libraries (IV)
  9. 3. Organizing Photos
    1. What’s New in Organize Mode
      1. New features in organize mode
    2. Organize Tools Overview
    3. Changing the Display Pane’s Layout
      1. To change the display pane layout
    4. Other Display Preferences
      1. Display preferences you can change
    5. Contextual Menu Shortcuts
      1. Contextual menu shortcuts
    6. Moving around in iPhoto
      1. Ways to move around
    7. Working with Events
      1. To rename an event
      2. To view photos in an event
      3. To change an event’s key photo
    8. Splitting and Merging Events
      1. Ways to split an event
      2. Ways to merge events
      3. Ways to move photos between events
    9. Creating and Working with Folders
      1. To create a folder
      2. To move items into and out of folders
      3. To duplicate a folder and its contents
      4. To delete a folder
    10. Creating Albums
      1. To create an album
      2. Other ways to create an album
    11. Creating and Editing Smart Albums
      1. To create a smart album
      2. To edit a smart album
    12. Smart Album Ideas
      1. Smart album ideas
    13. Duplicating Sources
      1. Ways to duplicate a source
      2. Reasons to duplicate sources
    14. Renaming and Rearranging Sources
      1. To rename a source
      2. To rearrange the source list
    15. Deleting Sources
      1. Ways to delete a source
    16. Selecting Photos
      1. Ways to select photos
      2. Ways to deselect photos
    17. Adding Photos to Sources
      1. Ways to add photos to sources
    18. Removing Photos from Sources
      1. Ways to remove photos from sources
    19. Sorting Photos
      1. To sort photos automatically
      2. To sort photos manually
    20. Assigning Titles to Photos
      1. Ways to assign custom titles
      2. To assign titles to multiple photos
    21. Assigning Descriptions to Photos
      1. To assign a description to a photo
      2. To assign descriptions to multiple photos at once
    22. Editing Photo Dates
      1. To edit a photo’s date and time
      2. To edit multiple dates/times at once
      3. To adjust photo dates and times
    23. Assigning Ratings
      1. Ways to assign ratings
    24. Managing Keywords
      1. Ways to create a new keyword
      2. To assign a keyword shortcut
      3. To rename a keyword
      4. To delete a keyword
    25. Assigning and Removing Keywords
      1. To assign keywords to photos
      2. To remove keywords from photos
    26. Hiding Photos
      1. To hide a photo
      2. To unhide a hidden photo
      3. To hide and show hidden photos
    27. Flagging Photos
      1. To flag a photo
      2. To unflag a flagged photo
    28. Searching with the Search Field
      1. To search for photos using the Search field
      2. Ways to show all photos
    29. Searching by Date
      1. To change the Date pop-up’s view
      2. To search for photos using the Date pop-up
    30. Searching by Keyword
      1. To search for photos by keyword
      2. To perform a NOT search
    31. Searching by Rating
      1. To search for photos via rating
    32. Viewing Photo Information
      1. To view info in the Information pane
      2. To view information in the Photo Info window
  10. 4. Editing Photos
    1. Entering Edit Mode
      1. To choose how to edit photos
      2. Ways to enter edit mode
    2. Edit Tools Overview (Main Window)
    3. Edit Tools Overview (Full Screen)
    4. Edit Tools Overview (Separate Window)
    5. Editing RAW Files
      1. Useful facts about working with RAW
    6. Contextual Menu Shortcuts
      1. Contextual menu shortcuts
    7. Zooming Photos
      1. To zoom in the main window
      2. To zoom in full screen mode
      3. To zoom in the image-editing window
    8. Duplicating Photos
      1. Reasons to duplicate a photo
      2. Ways to duplicate photos
    9. Rotating Photos
      1. Ways to rotate photos
    10. Selecting Portions of Photos for Cropping
      1. To select part of a photo
    11. Specific Aspect Ratios
      1. Uses for specific aspect ratios
    12. Cropping Photos
      1. To crop a photo
    13. Straightening Photos
      1. To adjust the angle of a photo
    14. Enhancing Photos
      1. To enhance a photo
    15. Reducing Red-Eye
      1. To reduce red-eye in a photo
    16. Retouching Photos
      1. To retouch a photo
    17. Using the Effects Panel
      1. To use the Effects panel
    18. Using the Adjust Panel
      1. To use the Adjust panel
    19. Understanding the Levels Histogram
    20. Adjusting Exposure
      1. To adjust the exposure of a photo
      2. What the Exposure slider does
    21. Adjusting Levels
      1. To adjust the black and white points of a photo
      2. What the Levels sliders do
    22. Adjusting Contrast
      1. To adjust the contrast of a photo
      2. What the Contrast slider does
    23. Adjusting Highlight Detail
      1. To adjust the highlight detail of a photo
      2. What the Highlights slider does
    24. Adjusting Shadow Detail
      1. To adjust the shadow detail of a photo
      2. What the Shadows slider does
    25. Adjusting Saturation
      1. To adjust the saturation of a photo
      2. What the Saturation slider does
    26. Adjusting Temperature
      1. To adjust the temperature of a photo
      2. What the Temperature slider does
    27. Adjusting Tint
      1. To adjust the tint of a photo
      2. What the Tint slider does
    28. Adjusting Sharpness
      1. To adjust the sharpness of a photo
      2. What the Sharpness slider does
    29. Reducing Noise
      1. To reduce the noise of a photo
      2. What the Reduce Noise slider does
    30. Undoing Changes
      1. Ways to undo changes to a photo
    31. Using an External Editor
      1. To set a default external editor
      2. To edit in an external editor (I)
      3. To edit in an external editor (II)
    32. Try GraphicConverter
      1. Reasons you might want to use GraphicConverter
    33. Try Photoshop Elements
      1. Reasons you might want Photoshop Elements
  11. 5. Showing Photos Onscreen
    1. Types of Slideshows
      1. About basic slideshows
      2. About saved slideshows
    2. Slideshow Tools Overview
    3. Setting up Basic Slideshows
      1. To configure a basic slideshow
    4. Assigning Music to Slideshows
      1. To select music
    5. Creating and Deleting Saved Slideshows
      1. To create a saved slideshow (I)
      2. To create a saved slideshow (II)
      3. To delete a saved slideshow
    6. Manipulating Slideshow Photos
      1. To add photos to a slideshow
      2. To remove photos from a slideshow
      3. To rearrange photos for a slideshow
    7. Selecting Default Settings
      1. To adjust default settings
    8. Customizing Slides
      1. To customize slides
    9. Editing Slide Photos
      1. To edit slide photos permanently
      2. To edit slide photos temporarily
    10. Configuring the Ken Burns Effect
      1. To configure the Ken Burns Effect
    11. Controlling Slideshows
      1. To run a saved slideshow
      2. To control a slideshow
    12. Exporting Slideshows to QuickTime Movies
      1. To export a slideshow to a QuickTime movie
    13. Distributing QuickTime Movies
      1. Ways to distribute QuickTime movies
    14. Creating an iMovie Slideshow
      1. To create an iMovie slideshow
    15. Creating a DVD Slideshow with iDVD
      1. To create a DVD slideshow with iDVD
    16. iDVD Slideshow Tips
      1. Tips for using iDVD
    17. Setting the Desktop Picture
      1. To set the Desktop picture
    18. Creating a Screen Saver
      1. To create a screen saver
    19. Setting up a .Mac Account
      1. To set up a trial .Mac account
    20. Some Major .Mac Features
      1. iWeb
      2. iDisk
      3. Mail
      4. Groups
    21. Creating Web Galleries
      1. To create a Web gallery
      2. To create user names and passwords
    22. Managing Web Galleries
      1. To add photos to a Web gallery
      2. To remove photos from a Web gallery
      3. To start or stop synchronization
      4. To delete a Web gallery
    23. Publishing Photo Pages with iWeb
      1. To publish a photo page
    24. Publishing Blog Photos with iWeb
      1. To publish a photo to an iWeb blog
    25. Publishing .Mac Slides
      1. To publish photos as .Mac Slides
    26. Subscribing to .Mac Slides
      1. To subscribe to .Mac Slides
    27. Exporting to Web Pages
      1. To export photos to Web pages
    28. Web Page Export Tips
      1. Web page export tips
    29. Copying Photos to an iPod
      1. To copy photos to an iPod or iPhone
  12. 6. Printing Photos
    1. Printing Photos Overview
      1. To print photos
    2. Designing Print Projects
      1. To design a print project
    3. Previewing Prints
      1. To preview prints
    4. Printing Tips
    5. Printing Standard Prints
      1. To print standard print sizes
      2. An explanation of a tricky topic
    6. Printing Contact Sheets
      1. To print contact sheets
    7. Setting up an Apple ID
      1. To set up an Apple ID
    8. Using Your Apple ID
      1. To sign in using your Apple ID
    9. Preparing to Order Prints
      1. To prepare photos for printing
    10. Ordering Prints
      1. To order prints
    11. Creating Cards Overview
      1. To create a card
    12. Designing Your Card
      1. To design a card
    13. Creating Calendars Overview
      1. To create a calendar
    14. Designing Calendar Pages
      1. To design a calendar page
    15. Creating Books Overview
      1. To create a book
    16. Designing Book Pages
      1. To design a page
    17. Adding, Deleting, and Moving Book Pages
      1. To add a page or page spread
      2. To delete a page
      3. To move a page or page spread
    18. Arranging Photos on Book and Calendar Pages
      1. To arrange photos on pages
    19. Editing Photos on Pages
      1. To zoom and center photos
      2. To edit photos
    20. Dealing with Warning Icons
      1. Ways to deal with a low-resolution warning icon
    21. Entering and Editing Text
      1. Ways to enter or edit text
    22. Typing Text “Correctly”
      1. Rules for classy looking text
    23. Changing Fonts, Styles, and Sizes Globally
      1. To change fonts, styles, and sizes
    24. Changing Fonts, Styles, and Sizes per Text Box
      1. To change fonts, styles, and sizes
      2. To change just styles
    25. Changing Text Color
      1. To change colors
    26. Checking Spelling as You Type
      1. To check spelling as you type
    27. Printing on Your Own Printer
      1. To print on your own printer
    28. Ordering Cards, Calendars, and Books
      1. To order a card, calendar, or book
  13. 7. Sharing Photos
    1. Sharing a Library via iPhoto Library Manager
      1. To share your library among users
    2. Sharing a Library via a Shared Volume
      1. To share your library among users
    3. Sharing Photos via iPhoto Sharing
      1. To share photos via iPhoto Sharing
    4. Accessing Shared Photos
      1. To access shared photos
    5. Viewing Photos in Web Galleries
      1. Actions available in a Web gallery
    6. Subscribing to Web Galleries
      1. To download a Web gallery
      2. To subscribe to a Web gallery
    7. Exporting Files
      1. To export files
    8. Exporting Files by Dragging
      1. To export multiple files
    9. Emailing Photos
      1. To configure iPhoto for email
      2. To send photos via email
    10. Sharing Photos on Disc with iPhoto Users
      1. To burn an iPhoto disc
    11. Sharing Photos on Disc with Windows Users
      1. To burn a disc for use by non-iPhoto users
  14. 8. Troubleshooting
    1. General Problems and Solutions
      1. Performance Problems
      2. Photos Disappear
      3. Flaky Behavior or Crashes
      4. Other Problems
    2. Importing Problems and Solutions
      1. Camera or Card Reader Isn’t Recognized
      2. Nothing Appears after Import
      3. Damaged Photos Warning Appears during Import
      4. Other Importing Problems
    3. Editing Problems and Solutions
      1. Photos Don’t Open in an External Program
      2. iPhoto Crashes When You Double-Click Photos
      3. iPhoto Doesn’t Allow Editing
      4. Revert to Original Dimmed
      5. Thumbnails Are Corrupted or Cause Crashes
    4. RAW File Facts
    5. Slideshow Problems and Solutions
    6. Printing Problems and Solutions
      1. Prints Don’t Appear Correctly on the Paper
      2. Photos Print at Incorrect Sizes
      3. Poor Print Quality
    7. Print and Book Problems and Solutions
      1. Can’t Enable 1-Click Ordering
      2. Errors During Ordering
      3. Photos Don’t Upload
      4. Apple Has Trouble Processing Your Book or Photos
      5. Order Doesn’t Arrive or Is Damaged
      6. Prints or Books Aren’t What You Expect
    8. Dealing with Warning Icons
      1. Ways to handle warning icons
    9. Help Resources
      1. Places to look for more help
  15. A. Deep Background
    1. Understanding Aspect Ratios
    2. Understanding Resolution
      1. Pixels and Dots
      2. Downsampling vs. Interpolation
      3. Cropping Implies Interpolation
    3. Understanding Color Management
      1. Color Perception
      2. Rendering Color
      3. Color-Matching Systems
      4. Should You Correct Colors?
  16. B. Taking Better Photos
    1. What Kind of Photographer Are You?
      1. You’re an artistic photographer if
      2. You’re a documentary photographer if
    2. Choosing a Camera
      1. Form Factor
      2. Megapixels/Quality
      3. Lens Capabilities
      4. Extra Features
      5. Price
      6. Interface
      7. Speed
    3. Where to Read Camera Reviews
      1. Camera review sites
    4. Camera Accessories
      1. Bigger Memory Card
      2. USB Card/PC Card Reader
      3. Monopod/Tripod
      4. Extra Batteries
      5. Lens Cleaning Kit
      6. Printer
    5. General Photo Tips
    6. More General Photo Tips
    7. Portrait Photo Tips
    8. Child and Pet Photo Tips
    9. Landscape Photo Tips
    10. Travel Photo Tips

Product information

  • Title: iPhoto ’08 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2007
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321549815