158 iphoto ’08: the missing manual
You have one last decision to make, though: what you want iPhoto to do when you
double-click a photo thumbnail.
Ordinarily, double-clicking just opens a photo to fill the iPhoto window, so you can
get a closer look at it. (No editing tools are available.) Clicking a second time returns
to the thumbnails screen. It’s a new way to work in iPhoto ’08, and it has its charms—
especially if you do more looking than editing.
But the Preferences dialog box (Figure 7-1) offers an alternative meaning for the
double-click: opening a photo directly into your chosen editing mode.
This decision is another personal one. If you find that you’re usually opening a photo
because you want to edit it, choose “Edits photo in the Preferences dialog box.
The Toolbar and Thumbnails Browser
In all three iPhoto editing modes, you have at your disposal a thumbnails browser at
the top of the screen (so you can choose a different photo to work on) and an editing
toolbar at the bottom (so you can fix up what youre seeing). But you may not see
both of these strips unless you know how they work.
Editing in iPhoto
Figure 7-2:
Left: Ordinarily,
the thumbnails
browser appears
at the top.
Right: But in iPhoto
’08, the browser
can now appear
on either side of
the screen—and
it can show more
than one row or
column of thumb-
When your cursor
moves toward
the middle of the
screen, the thumb-
nails and toolbar
disappear, making
more room for
you to enjoy your

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