258 iphoto ’08: the missing manual
Its far more practical to turn on the checkboxes for the individual albums you want
to share, as shown in Figure 10-16.
Unless you also turn on “Require password” (and make up a password), everyone on
the network with iPhoto 4 or higher can see your shared pictures.
Finally, close the Sharing window.
At this point, other people on your network will see your albums show up in their
Source lists, above the list of their own albums; see Figure 10-17. (Or at least they will
if they have “Look for shared photos turned on in their iPhoto Preferences.)
As you may know, when you share iTunes music over a network, other people can
only listen to your songs—they cant actually have them. (The large, well-built lawyers
of American record companies have made sure of that.)
But iPhoto is another story. Nobody’s going to issue you a summons for freely distrib-
uting your own photos. So once you’ve jacked into somebody else’s iPhoto pictures
via the network, feel free to drag them into your own iPhoto albums, thereby copying
them onto your own Mac. Now you can edit them, print them, and otherwise treat
them like your own photos.
Photo Sharing Across Accounts
Mac OS X is designed from the ground up to be a multiple-user operating system.
You can set up Mac OS X with individual user accounts so that everyone must log in.
Photo Sharing
on the Network
Figure 10-17:
You can’t delete or edit the photos you’ve
summoned from some other Mac. But you
can drag them into your own albums (or
your own Photo Library) to copy them. (The
Shares heading appears in your Source list
only if iPhoto detects at least one shared
iPhoto collection on the network.)
When you’ve had enough, click the E but-
ton. The flippy triangle, the list of albums,
and the E button itself disappear. The
names of shared collections (like “Casey’s
Photos” and “Robin’s Photos” in this exam-
ple) remain on the screen, in case you want
to bring them back for another look later.
All shared
photo libraries “Eject” button
Individual shared
photo libraries

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