chapter 11: books, calendars, and cards 285
iPhotos opinion, a red, dotted line appears under the word. Proceed as shown in
Figure 11-12.
•Checkawholetextblock. Click inside a title or comment box, and then choose
EditÆSpellingÆSpelling (c-colon). The standard Mac OS X Spelling dialog box
•Checkasyoutype. The trouble with the spelling commands described here is that
they operate on only a single, tiny text block at a time. To check your entire photo
book, you must click inside each title or caption and invoke the spelling command
again. Theres no way to have iPhoto sweep through your entire book at once.
Your eyes might widen in excitement, therefore, when you spot the
EditÆSpellingÆCheck Spelling As You Type command. It makes iPhoto flag
words it doesnt recognize as you type them.
Sure enough, when this option is turned on, whenever you type a word not in
iPhoto’s dictionary, iPhoto adds a colorful dashed underline. (Technically, it
underlines any word not in the Mac OS X dictionary, since you’re actually using
the standard Mac OS X spelling checker—the same one that watches over you in
Mac OS Xs Mail program, for example.)
To correct a misspelling that iPhoto has found in this way, Control-click (or right-
click) it. A shortcut menu appears. Now proceed as shown in Figure 11-12.
Listen to Your Book
Unfortunately, even a spell checker won’t find missing words, inadvertently repeated
words, or awkward writing. For those situations, what you really want is for iPhoto
to read your text boxes aloud to you.
No problem: Just highlight some text by dragging through it, and then Control-click
(or right-click) the highlighted area. The same shortcut menu shown in Figure 11-12
appears, containing the Speech submenu. From it, you can choose Start Speaking and
Stop Speaking, which makes iPhoto start and stop reading the selected text aloud.
It uses whatever voice you’ve selected in Mac OS X’s System PreferencesÆSpeech
control panel.
Phase 5: Preview the Masterpiece
Ordering a professionally bound book is, needless to say, quite a commitment. Before
blowing a bunch of money on a one-shot deal, youd be wise to proofread and inspect
it from every possible angle.
Print It
As any proofreader can tell you, looking over a book on paper is a sure way to dis-
cover errors that somehow elude detection onscreen. That’s why it’s a smart idea to
print out your own, low-tech edition of your book at home before beaming it away
to Apples bindery.
Phase 4: Edit the
Titles and Captions

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