Chapter 5. Combining Photos into Albums

In This Chapter

  • Making an Album

  • Creating a Smart Album

  • Making changes in Smart Albums

  • Creating Smart Albums from Places and Faces

  • Arranging your albums

  • Adjusting photo order in an Album

  • Deleting photos from an Album

I'm sure many of us have turned pages in an old photo album (or at least have seen relatives doing so). You might wonder about the relevance for albums in the digital world in which we live. This chapter has the answer.

If you've read this book to this point, you already know about Events and how iPhoto organizes your imports into Event-specific groupings. The order inside an Event, though, is governed by the order of import into iPhoto. You can't really change that order after the fact. One of the benefits of an old, physical photo album was you could move your photos around until you had them in the order you wanted, and then paste them in place. In Events, you can't really do that — but with iPhoto's Albums feature, you can.

Combining Photos into Albums

In addition to letting you manually change the order of photos, iPhoto's Albums let you put multiple, often related, Events or photos into one place. So, for instance, you might have several Events representing your child's birthdays over several years. With Albums, you can put them into one Album — say, called Johnny's Birthdays or Megan's Birthdays — and keep them all in one place, making them easy to find and view. ...

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