Chapter 13. Showcasing Your Photos

In This Chapter

  • Crafting and customizing a photo book

  • Adding travel maps to a photo book

  • Creating a photo calendar

  • Designing your own cards

  • Creating high-quality slideshows

  • Printing and distributing your work

Traditionally, when you want to share your photos, you make some prints to show people when you see them, or you e-mail those photos to friends and family because that's quick and easy to do. But what if you really want to make a statement with your photos and enhance the entire presentation so that they don't just get lost in the shuffle or erased along with the e-mail that brought them?

In this chapter, I show you four other ways to share your photos via iPhoto: photo books, calendars, cards, and slideshows. Some of them will require a little cash to bring them to fruition, but for the right occasion and for the right photos, the results can be priceless.

Have a look.

Showcasing Your Photos

Creating a Photo Book

You have quite a few choices at your disposal when creating a photo book. From the overall look and feel, to whether the photo pages are printed double- or single-sided, you get to decide on a design that works for you.

In particular, you can decide on the following characteristics — and change them at will:

  • Book type and theme

  • Page background and layout — per book or on a page-by-page basis

    This includes placing a map showing the photo's location on the layout.

  • Picture ...

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